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Sep. 21st, 2009 11:52 am - Blond(e)
After considering that blond can be spelled either 'blond' or 'blonde' (thanks French nation for making life complicated), I've gone and added an additional blog...


It should have all the same content as hermeticallyblond with just a slightly different spelling and blogger template. Any esoteric significance of this duality of blogger journals is I can assure you entirely accidental.

Below is wikipedias exciting information on blonde/blonde. Exciting!!!


"The word blond was first attested in English in 1481 and derives from Old French blont and meant a 'colour midway between golden and light chestnut'. .... in French, 'blonde' is a feminine noun; it describes a woman. 'Blond' is an adjective that refers to the hair itself. A man can have blond hair but he is never a 'blonde'."

"Though many writers of English use the spellings interchangeably, some of them continue to distinguish between the masculine blond and the feminine blonde and, as such, it is one of the few adjectives in English with separate masculine and feminine forms, at least in written language. Each of the two forms, however, is pronounced the same way. American Heritage's Book of English Usage propounds that this particular use of the term is an example of a 'sexist stereotype [in] that women are primarily defined by their physical characteristics.' (Another hair color word of French origin, brunet(te), also functions in the same way in orthodox English.)"

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Sep. 20th, 2009 07:27 pm - New blog
*Update: In response to this minor catastrophic computer issue, i've decided to begin a new blog...


I would have preferred to stick with livejournal, but due to a glitchy iPhone app can't really do that at present. So action plus resistance = new fucking blog someplace else. I'll have to tinker with the formatting at some point not now.

Note: I just added the leisure society post over there so that it won't be completely empty. It's gonna be the same old junk once it gets going: freewrites mostly, sometimes quotes and videos.

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Sep. 20th, 2009 12:50 pm
Well dang it. My computer just self-destructed. This seems a good sign maybe. Action against a resistance is not just a good way, but the only way to "alchemically" create meaningful change and growth. Thanks universe! You're like super cool and yet super frustrating all at once.

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Sep. 20th, 2009 12:30 pm - Untitled
Regarding Healthcare and Iraq War...

Politicians mislead. Politicians learn to say into the camera lens whatever will convince their audience to gleefully toss away their self-autonomy, personal rights, and ability to think. A government plays to its citizen's fears (of suffering and death) and desires (for happiness and health). Lastly, misleading voters isn't just what a politician does. It's what a politician is. They lie to each other. They lie to their spouses. They lie to themselves. They lie to the camera without a pause in their step.

*Note: Joe Wilson was off base when he said, "You lie." He was unfairly singling out the president, as if it were unusual for a sitting president to straight up lie quite a bit. What he should have said instead was, "Everyone in this entire city lies constantly every day, and we will continue to lie without end. Suck on it. Hahaha. We own your asses."

**Another note: The government will give you $0.03 for every $1,000 it steals from your grandchildren. And the magnanimous handing over of the $0.03 will be accompanied by a massive parade which it will pay for by increasing your tax bill by $0.06. "But some politicians are well-meaning sort of," somebody suggests. And it's true, but those well-meaning politicians never accomplish anything even marginally helpful unless their "helpful project" is such that somebody with lots of money and influence also benefits.

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Sep. 18th, 2009 11:41 pm
Goal:  A fully realized leisure society where everyone's time is their own.

A Few of the Obstacles (divided into three categories):

Obstacle Category #1, "Civilization"
- the public school system typically corrupts the development of an awake and integrated person.
- the pathological power structure and it's leaders.  The most neurotic people and paranoid and control-oriented and violent are able to ascend into positions of prestige and authority in govt and companies.
- some people are emotionally unready for seeing the world clearly.
- some people who were stuck in their identity prison may, when the shackles are unlocked, be disoriented and angry and eager to blame any available scapegoat.
- some people appear un-salvageable and nevertheless those individuals need to be dealt with fairly, enlightened consensually, through some method else they will desperately attempt to drag everybody else down to their level (a level where subtle manipulation techniques, up front manipulation techniques, and straight up physical force are used to obtain brief episodes of satisfaction.)
- the legal definition of a corporation and the heartless and unnatural greed engine of a "civilized" economy.

Obstacle Category #2, "Health and Physical Biology"
- the humans' evolved propensity to follow the pack/leader, to behave and think and communicate the way existing society prefers.
- the humans' poor physical nutrition
- the humans' ugly and disharmonious physical environment.
- the humans' regular exposure to disharmonious info / falsehoods.
- the humans' poor understanding of things like sunlight's health benefits, that manufactured vitamins are minimally helpful when compared to whole food vitamins, and that most every disease condition is substantially a result of a life condition (especially stress, but also relationship problems, and poor diet).

Obstacle Category #3, "The Principles of Creation"
- the momentum of things, the karma of the individual, the karma of the human race / of the earth system / of the solar system / of the universe now / of the universe throughout all of eternity.
- an action against a resistance produces a transformation of both or else a child phenomena.
- an action invites a reaction
- while possessing a human body, you cannot ever become so enlightened that you lose your shadow qualities.
- I don't know.  I might edit this section.

Various Ways to Achieve the Goal:

1. Somehow enlighten the most rich and/or powerful and/or socially connected people.

How can one accomplish such a feat? It's impossible, especially when enlightening oneself is generally a full time job that for most humans needs to be reobtained daily.  We lose it if we don't consciously maintain it through the use of  daily reminders such as symbols, crystals, love, warm regard from friends/ family, rituals, meditation, experiences or accomplishments that make us feel alive, and periodic larger experiences that help us feel not just alive, but fundamentally connected to the cosmos.  Metaphorically, we live in the land of nod, where if you don't regularly get up again and again, you will not be able to stay up... No matter how enlightened you may have momentarily been once, it will fade in a matter of time as the disharmonious environment of western civilization tends to dissolve gnosis/enlightenment like a great big bowl of hydrochloric acid.

2. Follow one's heart and head and hope for the best.  And give props to others whose hearts and heads may lead them on different paths, even the opposite path.

3. Don't stress. Don't blame. Be happy.  "It's all a joke anyway," as the Comedian said, or something vaguely close to that.

4. Hope for divine intervention from either a magical loving god or a helpful alien civilization or instead hope for a spontaneous evolutionary leap in our species' consciousness tied to a changed alignment of our solar system with some astronomical deely bobber whatever.

5. Maybe follow your bliss?

6.  Read up on magic, practice a variety of belief exercises, and eventually apply what you learned to the topic at hand.

7. Don't rock the boat. Keep your head low.  Mostly do what your told. Eek out a living.  Watch tv shows.

8. Pray for some sort of catastrophic pole shift that will destroy nearly all of us and leave a couple hundred thousand to figure shit out

Important skills to learn:

How to doubt absolutely everything.
How to stop doubting and believe in certain truths strategically.

Things I would like to say before this body fails:

"Thank god all the problems of the world have been solved and we've achieved a truly free leisure society.  This is a new age of man. Blessed be everyone."

Likelihood?  Maybe the odds are kind of small.  Still this is a hunger, an unconscious goal that I can't dismiss or push away.  I mostly attempt to ignore the hunger best I can, except for moments like tonight when I'm basically "OK fine.  How would this work?"  And as can easily be seen, I end up (yet again) with a bunch of unintelligible nonsense amongst a smattering of worthless rhetorical flourishes.

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Sep. 17th, 2009 12:29 pm

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Sep. 15th, 2009 12:20 pm
Freewrite / Praise / Genesis / The Cherry Tree Metaphor

I have a problem accepting praise.  I was wondering why this might be, and so here's my implausible theory: when growing up I tried to anticipate the answer and opinions that authority figures preferred and wanted me to possess.  I developed an instinctive ability to anticipate behavior that they'd like and to exhibit that behavior in order to avoid admonishment and unnecessary complications.  A variety of well-intentioned authority figured used a multi-tiered approach; the approach included daily written grades, verbal praise, and more subtle reward systems as well as some punishment techniques,  Yet, the effect is that I ended up creating a useful yet substantially fictional self presentation instead of growing and developing my actual self according to my own DNA, will, heart, and full spectrum of potentialities and needs. And although this problem has been partially rectified in the intervening time, it still has left a scar on my psyche, causing me to be very distrustful of praise, and to be instinctively (and occasionally perhaps unfairly) suspicious of its intent.  I tend to feel praise as something inherently manipulative and thus unpleasant, even physically painful to some degree. And much prefer that people avoid praise... Maybe to use a metaphor it's like an alcoholic who doesn't want people offering him drinks.  I'm aware that I can easily fall into a vortex of praise and lose both my train of thought and my sense of self.  I have learned with age how to tolerate praise and accept it in a normal way, but on the whole it's not really something I enjoy or feel entirely safe around.

 I think that I'm not the only one with this problem.  *Extended metaphor alert* The western school system was birthed in Germany and quickly embraced widely by industrialized civilization due to it's effectiveness at usurping the normal psychological development process of the human individual.  Basically it bonsais people.  They decided at one point that a cherry tree is the best type of tree for "modern civilizations needs" and so they cut and hack and trim and strategically restrict and manipulate the growth process of every young tree in order to make it resemble the desired cherry tree shape.  They even hang small cherry-shaped ornaments from every tree to make them seem like they've got some cherries growing. They restrict the growth of the redwoods to the standardized cherry tree height and pump chemical substances into the soil of the smaller trees to get them up to size.  They attach cherry tree shaped leaves made of paper when needed.   In effect, they bonsai people.   Some trees shake off the ornaments and glued leaves and the restrictive silver bands, and some spend their whole lives believing they're failure to sprout sufficient cherries is somehow proof that they are awful, and some end up somewhere in the middle.  The actual cherry trees do pretty well given that the entire system is geared towards achieving an optimal harvest from from them and establishing their pre-eminence in the orchard, elect status, superior nature, and divine right to rule the other plants [feminists might describe the cherry trees as 'men' in general, although I would restrict it to a particular type of egoic cynical manipulative person (of any gender or race) with no regret or shame possessing a predominately masculine psyche].  They tend to acquire an abundance of nutrients (wealth) naturally and easily, simply by following their own spontaneous inclinations within the orchard. 

Ultimately, the "cult of the perfect cherry tree" is a major problem; it hasn't abated and is probably getting worse. I don't have a beef with the self-congratulatory cherry tree population per se.  In fact some of them are pretty great, but I see the bonsai orchard itself as a gross abomination against the laws of genesis.  And I believe that western civilization will collapse (if it does) at least significantly because of this.... Mostly because the "cult of the perfect cherry tree"  is actively restricting and corrupting the expression of divine will in the orchard (or something to that effect).  I see it as unwise, offensive, debased, and reprehensible.

My conclusion is that it would be greatly preferable for all govts to entirely remove themselves from "the education of youth."  We need forests not orchards (to belabor that silly cherry grove metaphor).  At a minimum the bonsai treatment needs to become less about emulating cherry trees and more about honoring the specific genesis needs and internal nature of each different type of tree. In any case, if civilization doesn't stop the school system completely or else change it dramatically, human civilization is at risk of self-destructing.  Ninety-five percent of people knew while going to school that it was bullshit and harmful.  They were right.  The cherry trees suddenly protest "Well it worked just fine for us." Yeah, we know.  "We're the greatest and deserve all the wealth.  Survival of the cherriest after all.Mmm-hmm, just like we learned in class.

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Sep. 13th, 2009 07:55 pm
Drunvalo Melchizadek's got some interesting beliefs, a little more new-agey than I generally prefer, and monotone, and seemingly exhausted, and constantly on the verge of collapsing in despair, but still... some intriguing notions.

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Sep. 8th, 2009 02:34 pm
This is news in its own right.  An actual television news segment where everyone is intelligent, respectful, and interested in conveying the truth as they understand it.  Astonishing... 

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Sep. 8th, 2009 09:33 am
Reincarnation / Karma / Synchronicity / Implausible Theory # 5183

What re-incarnates is not the individual person, but the esoteric source of creation. Each thing which exists, each animal, each plant, each rock, each breeze, each overlapping phenomena in the universe is a re-materialization of the source of creation.

All karma belongs to the source itself and not to the individual.  And "the great work" is to deal with and transmute not just one's own karma but all karma that exists in the entire physical universe. That's an impossible project.  Yet maybe that's what the human being project is on the razor's edge of accomplishing.  Dealing with one's own karma would seem easier, but it would be quite an interesting trick in such an interconnected cosmos.

Every time the source falls into consciousness, it's fucked again because it takes on a part of the overall karmic debt in the system.  Unless it learns how to stand on it's own, to stop dreaming of being an individual person and wholly accept its un-identity as cosmos, unless it both accepts and acts according to that gnosis, it shall always and repeatedly deal with a new part of the total karmic debt load every time it falls into physical form. Doesn't matter how far it gets in one particular incarnation, it will always be fucked once again because so long as anyone exists anywhere, it exists thru them (and as them) and therefore must suffer their karma.

So I guess, ultimately, I don't believe in reincarnation of "persons."  Instead, I believe that everyone (and every single living thing) is the reincarnation of the esoteric source of creation.  And an individual person can occasionally become bound to the karmic debts of someone else from the historical past; and they might even be able to access specific memories of those persons from long ago whose karma they're partially carrying.  Yet they are not as some would argue the reincarnation of those individuals. They are instead always a new and temporary abode of the esoteric source of creation.

Although everybody carries a portion of the overall karmic debt load of the system, as source they own and are responsible for all of it.  And as source they can transmute their own and all karma only by becoming aware of the truth of what everybody is (spirit/cosmos/esoteric source manifested) and by permitting that truth to inform how they live.  It doesn't mean being kind and loving and docile and robotically following some moral code for the sake of phony niceness.  Rather, it means living from the gnosis wherever it leads, which could and probably will involve some measure of anger and unpleasentries exchanged from time to time. Being 'real' in the moment with others is an important part of it (and thus occasionally there must be some measure of conflict).

As 'source,' if they just continue to dream away, then that's fine, but they'll be fucked once again the next time another being falls into consciousness, falls into manifestation where the sticky substance of karmic-debt resides.  Karma doesn't have anything to do with punishment or justice for us ant-sized human beings that scurry atop the surface of one exceptionally small planet in a massive beyond massive total universe.   Karma's not a punishment; it's just mechanics and physics... whatever exists in the manifest world will continue to exist unless it meets an immovable "will" or else get's transmuted though interaction with a resistance into something new.

Karma is sticky. You pick up karma from your ancestors through your parents actions and your inherited DNA strands. You pick up karma based on where and when you were born and at key moments during gestation as well.   You pick up karma from your cultural heritage and national history.  And you continue to pick up and lose and exchange karma from every experience you have, even something as simple as eating lunch, but especially the traumatic experiences (those experiences that leave a significant scar upon your consciousness, brain structure, and physical form). Karma is about cause and effect.  *Synchronicity however is not.  Synchronicity is were an individual might theoretically find an out from some portion of their karmic debt, though my belief is that in the absence of acquired gnosis, their fine accomplishment will be relatively inconsequential to the rest of the cosmos.

In conclusions: The famous recommendation to 'love your neighbor as yourself' is not about loving every stupid ass bastard with the same intensity as you love your own self.  It's about loving them (or at least, appreciating them intellectually) as literally and factually your own self in a different predicament.

So there's the gnosis explained as well as I can possibly accomplish it in a freewrite.  If I understand it correctly, then that's the central concern of life in this universe.  If it's incomplete or only complete in its horrible wrongness, fine, and thank goodness. Because what it implies is that it's not some magical divine entity's job to save us or forgive us our errors.  It's actually our dharma, our duty, as human beings to save our own selves (and by doing that, to metaphorically save source as well).

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Sep. 7th, 2009 10:53 am

I'm not sure what's happening here.  Maybe they're just learning?  Maybe just goofing around with expectations?  Maybe testing out how un-musical they can become while still technically producing some unusual live music for Norwegian TV (ala Frank Zappa). 

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Sep. 7th, 2009 10:03 am
“Keeping in touch with the things that help us feel alive––music, books, movies, even the theatre, if mysteriously you are that way inclined––becomes a battle, and one that many of us lose, as we get older; I don’t think enough of our cultural pundits, people who write about that stuff for a living, fully understand this.”

- Nick Hornby (via)

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Sep. 7th, 2009 09:50 am

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Sep. 7th, 2009 08:25 am - In Transition

Floater has a new video up.   It's terrible.   These guys consistently have awful videos, awful awful awful, compared to how good they can sometimes be live. 

The best videos they've done are Danny Boy (live), King Rabbit, and that live Nirvana cover of Aneurysm

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Sep. 5th, 2009 07:26 pm
Freewrite / Implausible Theory #4821

It really seems clear that the US government behaves pretty oddly. What if a percentage of the folks in powerful positions in washington are not as evil as they appear, but in their own mind are performing evil for the sake of good, i.e. they're all desperately trying to break the system of control they wield.

They've gazed at all the variables; they've observed how power operates, and they reached a determination at some point that because of the way power functions in real life situations, powerful people like themselves literally can't create any lasting positive change for anyone even when they want to. They can only possibly make things worse.  They noticed that they couldn't slow things down or reverse direction to somehow make "a better world" .. And so they came to the conclusion that the only way to break the engine of subjugation that entraps everyone is to ramp things up, to force the temperature up significantly past the absolute max for safe operation... To put the interdependent world governments and banks and the most massive corporations into a position where they gorge themselves to death... Its a sort of judo move, using the stronger entity's (a) greater power and (b) short-sidedness against it.  The military-industrial complex entity is sort of like the nearly indestructible half-god Achilles whose Achilles heel is thus become exposed. They intentionally increase the unpleasantness of life to such a degree that people can no longer successfully tolerate it.  They make people afraid of non-existent terrorists, of non-existence flu epidemics, of financial destitution; they make them kafka-esque nobodys stuck in a maze of bureaucratic hypocrisy. They make life so intentionally unpleasant that the system of control burns up at exactly the same time as people start to wake up to the fact that they are not people... That they are instead spirit/cosmos that has built a human body as a useful virtual reality avatar...

Even if the human race falls apart, it's sad, but it's not the end of the cosmos which we are. We're trained to be paranoid of loss and death but as spirit/cosmos we really couldn't die even if we wanted to; all we can do is create a vehicle susceptible to death, identify with it, and then pilot it til it breaks.  Or to look at it somewhat differently... the human race is like a biological device for making observations with..... Akin to a sentient telescope, but a telescope that's not functioning optimally due to it's lens has gotten clouded over by dreams or it's image processor is glitchy due to a faulty ego circuit.  If we can repair the lens or the circuit: great, we should try.  If we can't repair it, and the human race stops being valuable for experience and observations then it's not actually a problem.  Because the lovely and finite physical body is not the truth of who we are anyways. Our physical forms are useful avatars of spirit/cosmos, of the one esoteric source of all the varied phenomenon.  And that esoteric source has infinite time available to it.  Thus starting over from scratch is hardly even a set back.

Now is terrorist violence a threat?  No.  Terrorists do not exist and never have been anything other than a group of misnamed criminals.  Is the human race at risk from man-made global warming?  No.  Is the human race at risk from climate change induced by the sun? Possibly a little bit, yes.  Are individuals in peril? Always, as if design, but the idea of being constantly in jeopardy/peril is what makes most games enjoyable, eh.  The inability to stop playing the game obsessively is what is called addiction (ala the Nines movie).  "So you think that life is a game huh?" Possibly, and that moralisms and platitudes are some of the unlockable weapons people use on others. 

*Note:  The theory above is flawed and probably untenable.  Never mind.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Worldly pursuits and behaving like a reasonable sort of person is always the way to go, also punishing the bad evil doers is useful, and living as long as one possibly can tolerate things is totally important.  Carry on. If you have some extra time, go save the world a bunch. And to be safe maybe keep an extra clip of moralisms in your pocket, purse, or "man bag" if that's what you've got.  Because one never knows when one might have to use some moralisms on some low-life fascist white trash elitist cowboy capitalist slut liberal cunt whore jerk bastard cowardly fucking fat ugly rich/poor horrible commie sort of person with Aids and a flatulence disorder.  They're out there maybe and they got their own moralisms ready to knock you to kingdom come with.  Don't let 'em complicate your sense of self.  Pre-emptively dislike them.  It's the only way to remain safe in these troubled times we find ourselves in.  Maybe that's the value of all this world disaster... FOr in troubled times, we find ourselves.  In wonderful times, we sleep like newborn babes.

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